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Being an EDNOS Poster Child

When I give my Eating Disorders 101: Presentation tomorrow, this is the personal anecdote I plan to share: “I developed an eating disorder when I was 14, during my freshman year of high school. Though when I think back, I … Continue reading

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Going to College with an Eating Disorder

I don’t know who originally wrote this, because it’s been reblogged through Tumblr and doesn’t credit anyone in particular. If you know who wrote it, please tell me how to contact with them for permisission- or if I should take … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Sass Muffin:
This post is a part of a series I am doing this week for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. While I am currently in graduate school for mental health counseling, these blog posts are my…

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Omens and Chance Meetings

Sometimes, I don’t believe in chance meetings, because old friends re-enter my life at just the right moments. Today is the first day of NEDA¬†Week. And the NEDA¬†Week events are my major project as a part of my student organization. … Continue reading

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Originally posted on RheasOfHope:
It is here again NEDAwareness week! As a person officially diagnosed with an Eating Disorder in 2011 (but exhibiting symptoms since as early as 1996), I have quickly discovered the disparities of awareness, research funding, and…

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