I’m two weeks (three weeks?) into my second semester of my junior year of college.

I’m enrolled in 18 credits- but bear in my I’m earning two of those credits by exercising (in Cardio Aerobic Strength Training) and one by singing (Private Voice).

Everything else is for my major or the school’s requirements. (Psychology of Health, Intro the Health Care System- which is basically the Sociology of Health, Anthropology of Women, Philosophy of Love).

Extra curricularly, I’m singing in choir, planning campus events (in our activities council), and stopping by the city’s LGBT center when I have time. Next Friday, I’ll resume tutoring English as a Second Language after a 6 month hiatus. And I want to fit in two additional work outs (outside aerobic class) a week, and integrate this:

556556_124962201010340_910412868_nAmazingly, I’m studying more than I have in my life. Or maybe it just feels that way.

No job. I’ll probably have to hold out to March at the very earliest, May at the latest.

Here we go…

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One Response to Schedule

  1. Lulu says:

    Don’t burn out!

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