Her attitude regarding the conversation hearts was a lot better than mine.

This also reminds me of what my sister used to say- that she likes rice krispies because they talk to her when she’s lonely.


I grew up trying to decode the hidden messages in my Rice Krispy cereal, as I was certain they were trying to tell me something; the commercials said they talked, and I believed it. I intently held my ear to the bowl listening to the snap, crackle and pop of the cereal to decipher the Morse code message it sent out. I would always determine that the cereal was singing happy songs or telling me to have a wonderful day at school.

As I grew older, my food gave me other messages. It told me many negative things that I do not feel are appropriate to put into print. Essentially, the carefree messages from my Rice Krispies turned into condescending, scathing messages that gave more power to ED. Eventually I learned to accept these ideas as truth. Recovery has taught me that it is ok to not listen to thoseā€¦

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  1. rheasofhope says:

    I have found that a lot of recovery is simply about re-framing negative beliefs we have about ourselves into something useful that can further us along the path to recovery. That’s not to say negative statements were not running through my head as I ate the candy, but I was able to combat them with skills I have developed through recovery. The wonderful thing is that you can do this too (just like the candy said). Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Take care!

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