NEDA Week Update

I am stressed out about finances, RA selection (which I will discuss later), and school work (but to lesser degree than the above) and I’m scared it’s going to affect NEDA week.

I am so frustrated that it starts tomorrow, and our student organization hasn’t done any advertising of the events. Our faculty adviser said she’s make the posters by Friday. And I offered to hang them all but she told me that wouldn’t be necessary. That she’d get her student workers to do it. They still aren’t up…and I would have been happy to do it myself…

The graduate student who’s helping be with the ED: 101 presentation can’t contribute anything until Tuesday due to both a flight delay and a bad internet connection. And the presentation is Thursday.

And I’m still waiting to here back from the counseling center- I should have contacted them sooner- as to whether or not they’ll be able to help on the day of.


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