Omens and Chance Meetings

Sometimes, I don’t believe in chance meetings, because old friends re-enter my life at just the right moments.

Today is the first day of NEDA Week. And the NEDA Week events are my major project as a part of my student organization. And Wednesday of this week, I will find out of I was selected as a Resident assistant. A lot of things are coming to a head for me.

I’d just finishid “tabling” (advertising at a table outside the dining hall) for NEDA Week. I went to the post office to mail something, was and heading towards the elevator to get to my dorm room when I glimpsed a familliar face in the check outline at the book store. I sent myself immediately into reverse.

We’ll call her M. She was one of three other women who started Eating Disorder Intensive Outpatient with me the Monday (or was it Tuesday?) after Thanksgiving, three years ago.

We’ve spoken a few times through texting and Facebook, but had since lost touch. I’d seen her face in crowded hallways, and once in a science classroom, but wasn’t sure if it was her or someone who looked similar. It has been three years,  after all…And finally today, we spoke again. Embraced again.

She already has an undergraduate degree from another school in the city. She’s getting a second undergrad in dietetics, and plans to stay here for grad school. I, too, plan to stay for our counseling program.

I take our meeting as an omen that at the very least, NEDA Week is going to go swimmingly.

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