Eating Disorders 101: Common Behaviors

The following is a component of the presentation that a graduate counseling student and I put together for NEDA Week on our campus.

Common Behaviors in People with ED’s:

•Excessive dieting, chaotic food intake, skipping meals, pretending to eat, chewing food and spitting it out

•Excessive exercise

•Weighing self frequently

•Checking reflection in mirror or other reflective surface

•Wearing baggy clothing or a lot of layers

•Vomiting or excessive use of laxatives

•Making frequent trips to the bathroom


•Negative self-talk about one’s body image

•Ritualistic eating patterns or behaviors

•Common Behaviors cont…

•Strange combinations of foods

•Rapid or very slow eating

•Excessive gum chewing

•Cutting up food into small pieces


•Excessive fidgeting

•Excessive chewing

•Excessive liquids or restricting liquids

•Hiding food

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