Eating Disorders 101: Health Complications of Eating Disorders


• Amenorrhea (loss of menstrual cycle) in females

• Slow and irregular heartbeat.

• Low blood pressure

• Anemia

• Muscle loss and weakness

• Dehydration

• Memory loss and disorientation

• Chronic constipation

• Hair loss

• Growth of lanugo hair on body.

• Osteoporosis.

•Kidney failure


• Dehydration

•Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

•Gastrointestinal problems


• Inflammation and tears of the esophagus

•Tears in the lining of the stomach

•Chronic kidney problems/failure

•Tooth decay

• Electrolyte imbalances

•Irregular heart beat.

 Binge Eating Disorder

•Type II Diabetes

• Osteoarthritis

• High Cholesterol

•High Blood Pressure

•Chronic kidney problems

•Gastrointestinal problems

•Heart Disease

•Gallbladder Disease

•Joint and muscle pain

•Sleep apnea

•Certain types of cancer

Eating Disorder Not Otherwise specified is life-threatening, like Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating and has the same health risks.

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