Post-NEDA Week Thoughts

The 48-hours between Wednesday and Thursday were a whirlwind for me. Wednesday, the job offers were announced, and I was selected as  a Resident Assistant for next year. I am thrilled! But it was a lot take in,

Thursday afternoon, I  got up in front of a group of my peers, my student organization advisor, and a couple of strangers and revealing my eating disordered past. In the evening, we showed a documentary, and the residents assistants hosted a NEDA week event of their own.

My Eating Disorders 101 Presentation probably had the best attendance of everything that week, aside from maybe the Just Dance Party.

Tuesday’s button making was also pretty popular.








And this is the trailer for the documentary we watched, “America the Beautiful”.

Some of the resident assistants planned their own NEDA week event. We watched some videos about eating disorders, both informational and inspirational. And we did an activity where we had a blank piece of paper taped to our backs, and everyone had to write a posititve physical attribute of the person on it.

This is mine:



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