I used to think I was just lazy. But having a sense of dread and extreme discomfort when faced with day-to-day tasks probably isn’t normal?
My anxiety was so bad today I actually left a message for my psychiatrist and I usually dread talking to that woman. It’s a love-hate relationship. I’m assuming that part IS normal. I don’t have an outpatient licensed therapist, though I’ve seen a counseling intern on campus and have delayed making the next appointment. That part is laziness…
Howdoyoumakeitstop?!?! Usually things are good. But when they’re bad, THEY’RE BAD. Like today. All day- except my student organization meeting- I’ve felt on the verge of panic. I can’t sit through classes. I only went to one of the tree I have today and almost left. I can’t comprehend a page of text, or think or focus on much of anything.
One of the classes I skipped today only allows one absence. If I miss anymore, for any reason, it will affect my grade.
I know all I can do is ride this out until I hear from/see my psychiatrist. And even then, thee may not be able to do anything for me. But in the mean time, life goes on, and I have to suck it up.
I only have one class tomorrow, then it’s my weekend. We’re watching a film for much of it. Even if it’s this bad, I can power through.
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One Response to Anxiety

  1. The Real Cie says:

    I think it’s connected to my OCD but part of my thing is that sometimes I’m so scared that I’ll do a “bad job” that I’m paralyzed when it comes to doing tasks that “normal” people must find easy.

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