My Very Own Orbit

Someone actually said this to me on the bus in middle school.

I can’t believe I let someone recycling “Family Guy” humor make me feel inferior.

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One Response to My Very Own Orbit

  1. The Real Cie says:

    I honestly think that in some ways TV has gotten meaner. While I laugh at Family Guy sometimes and I enjoy South Park even though it’s way off the rails when it comes to political correctness, I don’t like the trend of mean humor. Of course fat jokes have always existed. I remember on one of my favorite shows, Good Times, the chunky building manager was jokingly called “Buffalo Butt” by the kids in the family.
    Don’t be down on yourself for feeling bad. I got called “Bugs Bunny” for my buck teeth when I was in grade school, before I got braces. That’s pretty generic, but it made me feel terrible.

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