ED Owl is the only one who understands me…

Trigger warning: Mention of eating disordered thoughts and behaviors.

And some sexually explicit commentary…


I used to spit the bread out when no one was looking. I can’t believe I thought that bread was going to “count against me.”


I am attracted to big beautiful women, curves, and all though it’s not PC to say- cute and chubby girls. But I find myself wanting my “pre-Bulimia, 14-year-old with EDNOS” body back



This also happened once when I was deep-throating my ex and threw up on his dick. The poor guy that I was dying.


More so the way she talked about it is triggering…



This doesn’t happen to me often, but it did happen to me recently.


Or for that matter, talking about ED’s. In any of my classes. And I’m a psych major…so it’s bound to come up.

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