Trigger Warning: Eating disordered thoughts.
I’m back in that familiar place in my mind. Where nothing said around to me is coming through.

I’m fixating. Sitting in class pondering, will I eat dinner? Wil I skip dinner? Will I just have a salad? Will I eat a little bit of whatever I want? Will I eat what I want, in the amount I want, and workout after?

I’m halfway through my third year of college, maintaining just over a 3.0

I can’t do this to myself again.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve commented to you yet, though I meant to, to thank you for following my blog.
    I connect so much with this post. You can get through this. I hear where you’re coming from and how hopeless you feel, but you have the tools to keep yourself afloat. Reach out. Get the help you need. You are capable.
    Sending hugs ❤

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