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Quote of the Day

“People who have been Been to Hell and Back develop a certain sort of self-righteousness. There is a tendency to say: I have an addictive personality, I am terribly sensitive, I’m touched with fire, I have scars. There is a … Continue reading

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the HAES® files: History of the Health At Every Size® Movement, Part I

Originally posted on Health At Every Size® Blog:
by Barbara Altman Bruno, Ph.D., LCSW In response to requests from our readers, the Health At Every Size Blog is honored to reprint Barbara Altman Bruno’s history of the HAES movement. Most…

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Arias, Bulimic Triggers, and Chipmunk Cheeks

I’ve preformed solo at three or four voice recitals now- all during college. And while there’s always been a little performance anxiety, I’ve never melted down, shut down, and wanted so badly to pull out of the show. Friday I rehearsed with … Continue reading

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Liebster Award

As nominated by The Real Cie. Post 11 random facts about yourself. I love mangos. I’ve slipped on a banana peel before. “Oliver and Company” is my least favorite disney movie. I no longer own a pair of blue jeans. … Continue reading

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The Worst Advice for Eating Disorders

Opening up to others about my eating disorder, unfortunately, means opening myself up to a lot of unsolicited advice. Some of the tips are triggering, and others downright dangerous. Some are  bits and pieces of nutritional information that would be useful in other … Continue reading

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Fuck Off, World! I’m Fat!

At some point in my recovery, I had to say “Fuck off, world! I’m fat!” and decide my health and sanity are more important than policing all aspects of myself, to maintain a weight that’s unnatural. I’m sure if I went … Continue reading

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Revisiting the 100 Best Diet Tips

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