Sound Judgement

This is such an awful thing to joke about. But my friend and I laughed the other day when I stated that I have a tendency to get my friends civilly committed. Troubled people come to me. And finally, I think I have a handle on crises situations.

One of the friends I mentioned in “Lending my Support” attempted suicide Saturday night. Thankfully, they did not succeed. I was able to ensure their safety until tomorrow (well, later today). Their significant other and I are taking them to hospital tomorrow today for an evaluation. And hopefully investigate treatment options.

Looking back, there are things I would do differently. But seeing as they’re alive, safe, and already  taking the first step towards recovery, I’ll try not to dwell on these kinds of details. Overall, I practiced sound judgement.

Today I called the intake department. Browsed the hospital website. Spoke to a friend that I met in treatment three years ago.( I was admitted at age 17, so my parents handled most of the intake process. And the evaluation is so surreal to me.) I have a pretty good idea of where to go and what to do.

Preparing to spend several hours in a waiting room tomorrow.


I feel like I am more than prepared to be a resident assistant next year.

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