I’m Good, I’m Bad

Believe it or not, they made a musical about eating disorders.
As one of my ED therapists put it, the concept sounds absolutely ridiculous on paper, but it’s done very well.

Well, the last time I saw “Normal”, I was nearing the end of my three-month treatment. “The Normal: In Schools” program came to the hospital and had a free performance. This was almost four years ago now. And from what I can remember parts of the show really resonated with me, and others came off a little cheesy, even goofy. But bear in mind, I was 17 at the time and perhaps a bit more cynical. Regardless, this show changes lives.

It’s coming to a nearby high school in May.  I’m going to do everything in my power to see it again.

“I’m Good, I’m Bad” is one of the songs that speaks to me. (It’s also one of the few songs you can listen to onlnine.)

Unlike Polly, the character in the show battling an ED, I didn’t have very supportive parents. Much less the support of a sibling! (The male part in this duet is her brother.) But this song definitely describes what’s going on in my head, and resembles the dialogues I’ve had and continue to have with friends.

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