Fuck Off, World! I’m Fat!

At some point in my recovery, I had to say “Fuck off, world! I’m fat!” and decide my health and sanity are more important than policing all aspects of myself, to maintain a weight that’s unnatural.

I’m sure if I went back to the restricting and obsessive exercising (and possibly purging in secret), I would get the health care system, our collective western culture, and even  some of the people in my life, off my back.

But that just isn’t going to happen.


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2 Responses to Fuck Off, World! I’m Fat!

  1. The Real Cie says:

    Reblogged this on The Cheese Whines and commented:
    Amen. This is what I had to do too.
    It’s my body. I am the one who has to live in it in a culture which has scapegoated people who look like me.
    It isn’t about “health.” It’s never been about health. Evidence actually shows that there is no real difference between the health of a larger person who exercises moderately and has generally good eating habits and the health of a mid-sized person who exercises moderately and has generally good eating habits. It is all about physical appearance. We are all supposed to look like the Hollywood Standard, which pegs even mid-sized people as being “fat.” And what if we are actually (GASP) fat? It does not mean that we don’t deserve to live our life in peace.
    This world makes me really sad sometimes.

  2. Laeli says:

    I’ve come to this too. I am unapologetically fat. The world can just deal with that or not. Makes no difference to me.

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