Don’t Waste It

I have so many ideas swirling through my mind like fireflies. It’s overwhelming, and I want to capture them in a jar and create all of them. But my mind moves too fast.

Some days I have all the energy and ambition and I want to do it all. But it’s hard to focus, and I get so anxious.

Other times I am so depressed or lethargic or both.

Some days I can’t bring myself to care.

But most of the time I want to do all of these wonderful things, I just lack the energy, focus, and time.

I get depressed realizing I can’t read all the wonderful books in the world. Even if I lived a hundred years it wouldn’t be enough time.

“Don’t waste it, It’s only here for today, You don’t own it, So you can’t just give it away, Forever, Forever is half a moment away, So don’t waste it, It’s only here for today.”

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