I won’t be in the music department’s spring recital tonight.
And part of it has to do with the fact I have a cold.
A lot of it has to do with time constraints and the amount of students taking voice lessons.
But some of it has to do with how lousy last weekend’s performance went .
I was reluctant to perform, but the final decision was up to the department, not me.
I would be singing if I were given the chance.

I’m trying to think of it as something off my to-do list.
This is my last week of classes before exams.
My grades are the worst they’ve ever been in college but I suppose they could be a LOT worse.
I have three papers due this week, two take-home fianls dues next, and a résumé and cover letter I need to get in today or tomorrow.
I’m emceeing an open mic night tomorrow.
There’s late paper work for my student organization to complete.
And of course, studying.

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