When you consider your name

I love the way this woman writes.
And I love this idea.
I want to do something like this with my residents next year, but without the ED emphasis.

My ED will sometimes latch onto non-sensical pop/rap lyrics and change them to degrade me:

Example: “This is why you’re fat, this why you’re fat…”
(Instead of “this is why I’m hot, this is why I’m hot.”)


“I’m flabby and I know it!”
(Instead of “I’m sexy and I know it!”


Ewe. That’s right. Ewe. Upon my arrival into this world on Elvis’ birthday 1988, my parents looked at their wailing bundle of black hair wrapped in pink and decided to bestow upon me a name that means “female sheep”. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my name and I feel it suits me just fine. I just think it odd that I am named after a ruminant (ironic given my current medical issues) farm animal best known for following Mary everywhere she went (as in Mary had a little lamb the nursery rhyme).


As I have gone through life, I have accumulated many names. Most everyone calls me Rhea. Others stick with Rachel. My father calls me Moose. The bullies from my past used to call me Rumpke (due to the fact that my initials are RMK and RuMpKe is a local garbage company). I am still not…

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