Summer Plans

I have secured a summer job and I’ll be taking a summer class. I applied and interviewed for a second summer job, a far more demanding summer job, with confidence that things will work out either way.

I didn’t get the second job. I was notified by e-mail hours after the interview.

If I got the job, it would have paid off my summer housing and provided me with a meal on weekdays.

But I would be working 20-40 hour weeks, trying to avoid scheduling conflicts between the two job. I’d have to make time to study, finish all my of homework, and attend student organization meetings, since our executive board meets over the summer. The second job would have additional on call hours that would prevent me from leaving campus. And in the current state of my anxiety, I’m not sure if I’m prepared to deal with all that.

Now I’ll have more time for homework. Fewer scheduling conflicts. More time for self-care and stress management. Time to put into my online business, which has been on hiatus for awhile now. Time with my friends. Time to celebrate my 21st birthday responsibly. And time to rest and recover. This has been my roughest college semester. Time to prep for my senior year. Come fall I’ll be taking 18 credits, working as an RA, and completing student org secretarial tasks.

But I was still feeling pretty lousy about the rejection. I think I’m over it now.

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