Her Picture Was Stolen And Turned Into A Fat-Shaming Anti-Feminist Meme On Facebook!

According to Kelly Martin Broderik,
I’ve always been someone who wasn’t scared to share pics of myself online or to post a profile picture. In fact, I always enjoyed sharing pictures of myself with friends or in the Facebook pages I helped run for different groups I am involved with at my university. That was until I received an awkward, random message on OkCupid as I was going to sleep a couple of nights ago. At first, I wasn’t sure if I believed him. See, when you are openly fat and feminist on a dating site, it isn’t uncommon for randoms to harass you…But when I got up the next morning he had sent me the link. It had over 2000 shares, almost 10,000 likes, and almost 1000 comments. Overnight, I had become an Internet meme… The picture was from a “This is what a feminist looks like” campaign my university feminist group did this past spring semester. It is one of my favorite pictures and has been my profile picture at a number of different sites…”
But she managed to turn into something positive!
So in response, I am starting a tumblr, We Are What Feminists Look Like. A few friends have already submitted pictures and I hope many more of you folks will submit pictures or thoughts. This experience has taught me that while one cruel person can ruin my morning, I have an entire community of friends, family, and feminists to back me up. Feminists are not a monolith. We are diverse and unique. We don’t fit into every stereotype.”
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Send your “This is what a feminist looks like” picture to

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2 Responses to Her Picture Was Stolen And Turned Into A Fat-Shaming Anti-Feminist Meme On Facebook!

  1. This is incredible. Its disgusting what people will do these days. I’m glad it didn’t hold you down. Why shouldn’t we be able to post pictures of ourseleves without being afriad of being ridiculed. Much Respect.
    A fellow feminist Melissa 🙂

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