Amber Suffern



I never watch the news. But it was on today, but I’d left the TV on when I was laying in bed, trying to stop a panic attack.

I saw this story and cried.

Because I was that girl. Who everyone called fat, stupid, ugly, “hideous.” Amber and I were called many of the same things.

And I was between the ages of 12 and 17 when this was going on.

SHE’S 8!!!

And years later, I still hear it all the time…from myself, in my head. And I try to brush it off and pretend it has nothing to do with how my peers treated me in the past…but it probably does.

What a beautiful story. I hope she can be strong and fight harder than I did. After all she, has her brother. ^-^

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One Response to Amber Suffern

  1. Ludivine says:

    Being bullied is terrible. I can’t blame all my problems on my bullies but they certainly did contribute. The only positive aspect is that people like us develop compassion and eventually get stronger. And more genuine too.

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