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Things to Do Instead of Purge

I haven’t purged in months. But my urges have been strong lately. So it’s best to be prepared. *EDIT: I purged last night for the first time in 3-4 months. But I’m going to work through it.* Exercise/go for a … Continue reading

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Things to Do Instead of Shop

While this is less harmful than a lot of my other compulsions and behaviors, it’s still damaging and I need to cut down. Clean room and closet. (And become aware of my numerous possesions.) Read a book. Use Polyvore, Tumblr, or … Continue reading

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Things to Do Instead of Cut

I often go months without cutting, but I still have urges. Shave Sing Draw on self Cover self in stickers, tape, or glue, and peel it off. Run cold water off wrists. Squeeze my stress ball. Smell my scented candles. … Continue reading

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Why this Anna outfit isn’t funny

Originally posted on Lets talk about ED, baby:
Trigger, trigger trigger warning. An Anna Rexia costume previously sold online in 2011 has resurfaced and was today reported on in the Huffington Post. The outfit is skeletal and comes with a…

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Laura says…

Quote of the day.

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People, places, activities. I want to avoid them all really bad but i cant or there will be consequences. and theyre so oddly specefic. I took a shower to help me relax. Then i took a good look at myself … Continue reading

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Self-Care and CBT

For awhile I was taking vitamin B sublingually (under the tongue) to help me fall asleep. It’s something my therapist suggested, and it was effective. But I stopped months ago when I ran out and never replaced my supply. I … Continue reading

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