Inpatient Visit [trigger warning]

I am so glad I got to visit my best friend in the hospital today, who is inpatient for bulimia . She was in good spirits. The facility was very nice. But she was on a feeding tube and that was really hard for me to see for so many reasons.

My friend was afraid before going into the hospital about weighing more than the other girls on the unit. And today she was talking about that still. And she said she didn’t think she was as sick as the other girls. I can relate to this, sadly. In my past experience with hospitalization, and even now. Though I am doing very well I still deal with ED thoughts every day. And I don’t look anything like the average mental picture of someone with an eating disorder.

She’s hooked up to a feeding tube! She needs to be there as much as everyone else and I told her this. And she is afraid people are judging her for being hooked to the feeding tube. It has nothing to do with compliance. She simply cannot keep enough food down to stay properly nourished.

She did mention briefly some of the girls on the unit were saying nasty things about a larger patient. Someone who has apparently struggled for twenty years or more. And if I was on the unit, I would’ve been kicking their asses. Even if I was hooked up to to the tube.



Hopefully I will be going to see her again Sunday night.

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One Response to Inpatient Visit [trigger warning]

  1. Lulu says:

    Good luck to your friend and don’t forget to take care of yourself too.

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