I have blogged about my eating disorder since before I knew I had one.

I have written under many names on Xanga. Everythingyournotandmore, Peace_Love_Not_Skinny, How I Live Now, No More Thinspo, and a more satirical one, Hello Kitty is my Thinspo. Each reflected my current state of mental illness or health.

Welcome to the latest, and final, reincarnation of my blog and my journey, Extended Recovery.

Three years have passed since I received treatment for my eating disorder. And though I’m healthier than I was then, I still struggle every day. I find it difficult to strike a balance. I must address my ED past, and acknowledge the more insidious parts that linger in the present. Yet I cannot allow it be my identity.

It is difficult to reach out for help, when you aren’t as sick as you once were.

Finding support is a challenging when you have a “healthy” or “overweight” BMI.

I hope to create a blog relevant to those in every stage of recovery. And my heart goes out to all still suffering in silence, as well of those just beginning their recovery. But the true inspiration for this blog are those who live in limbo with me. We are not deathly ill, but know we will never be “cured.”

I am in fumbling through my early twenties studying clinical mental. I have a bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences.

In high school I my life was consumed by Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, primarily restricting and occasionally purging. I went undiagnosed until I met the full-diagnostic criteria of Bulimia.

During treatment, I was diagnosed with both Depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

I have had a learning disability since birth, and may fall somewhere on the autism spectrum.

4 Responses to About

  1. ems612 says:

    Thank you for stoping by my blog 🙂 I really like your’s too.

  2. busydarling says:

    I used to follow you on Xanga (how I live now blog)… a long long time ago. I was Laiza there… so long ago…. Randomly checked Xanga and randomly decided to follow you again.
    I’m not recovered fully, possibly never will but I’m stable and living life. I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD and am now blogging about lots of random things involving life with ADHD, not much about ED or ED recovery at all actually.

  3. lauriesnotes says:

    Limbo is so hard. I was there a long time and had to prove it is possible to recover.
    Blessings to you aa continue to reach out and inspire others.

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