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Why this Anna outfit isn’t funny

Originally posted on Lets talk about ED, baby:
Trigger, trigger trigger warning. An Anna Rexia costume previously sold online in 2011 has resurfaced and was today reported on in the Huffington Post. The outfit is skeletal and comes with a…

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Amber Suffern

Breaking News I never watch the news. But it was on today, but I’d left the TV on when I was laying in bed, trying to stop a panic attack. I saw this story and cried. Because I was … Continue reading

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Fitspo Sucks: 5 Reasons Photos of Hot Women and Catchy Slogans Are Ruining The World

Originally posted on Empowering Fitness:
What is Fitspo? It’s a popular buzzword, short for Fitness Inspiration, and it’s used to inspire and motivate people to get fit and healthy. It usually involves photos of super fit, lean women, often accompanied…

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Her Picture Was Stolen And Turned Into A Fat-Shaming Anti-Feminist Meme On Facebook!

According to Kelly Martin Broderik, “I’ve always been someone who wasn’t scared to share pics of myself online or to post a profile picture. In fact, I always enjoyed sharing pictures of myself with friends or in the Facebook pages … Continue reading

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“fitch please” Ellen’s genius take on Abercrombie and Fitch

Originally posted on fightingmywayback:
If you’ve been watching the news you may have heard of the Abercrombie and Fitch scandal  Basically, they will no longer carry women’s clothing above a size 10 because the CEO claims they only want attractive people…

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Why women’s fitness magazines suck.

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the HAES® files: History of the Health At Every Size® Movement, Part I

Originally posted on Health At Every Size® Blog:
by Barbara Altman Bruno, Ph.D., LCSW In response to requests from our readers, the Health At Every Size Blog is honored to reprint Barbara Altman Bruno’s history of the HAES movement. Most…

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